Scientific Name: Platanus occidentalis

General Description
The sapwood of Sycamore is white to light yellow, while the heartwood is light to dark brown.  The wood has a fine close texture with interlocked grain.  Contrasts well with other species.

Working Properties
The wood machines well, but high speed cutters are needed to prevent chipping.  It is resistant to splitting due to the interlocked grain.  The wood glues well and stains, with care, to an excellent finish.  It dries fairly rapidly, with a tendency to warp.  It has moderate shrinkage and little movement in performance.

Physical Properties
The wood is clasified as moderate in weight, hardness, stiffness and shock resistance.  It turns well and has good bending qualities.

Specific Gravity: 0.49 (12% M.C.)
Average Weight: 545 kg/m3 (12% M.C.)
Average Volumetric Shrinkage: 11.4% (Green to 6% M.C.)
Modulus of Elasticity: 9,791 MPa
Hardness: 3425 N

Somewhat limited, especially in thick stock.

Main Uses
Furniture, furniture parts (drawer sides), millwork, paneling and mouldings, flooring, kitchenware, butchers blocks, toys and fruit crates.